Theoretical Spectroscopic Study for a Series of 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives

In recent years the computational chemistry becomes of great importance in many chemical and pharmaceutical scientific fields. Since many of the oxadiazole derivatives have a wide range in biological, and pharmacological activities.Therefore this work involves a theoretical study for two series of oxadiazole derivatives.


Biochemical In-vitro Study of Tamoxifen Effect on CYP2D6 Enzyme and Cytotoxicity in Iraqi Premenopausal Women with Breast Cancer


 Hormone therapy is the first targeted therapy also called estrogen suppression therapy often used as an adjuvant therapy to reduce the risk of cancer back after surgery or cancer that has spread.  Tamoxifen is used to treat early breast cancer in women who have already been treated with surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. It is used to reduce the risk of developing a more serious type of breast cancer in women.


Metallic Protective Coatings of Magnesium Metal in Ionic Liquids

    Magnesium is a reactive element, poor corrosion resistance and highly unstable, which have limited its industrial applications.One of the most effective ways to improve the corrosion resistance of Mg and its alloys is to form a coating on the surface to isolate them from the environment.This can be achieved by forming or applying some type of functional barrier layer. There are several surface coating treatment techniques,including electrochemical plating (electroplating), conversion coating,anodizing, hybrid coatings, and vapor-phase process.


Characterization of Red Apple and Pomegranate Peels Extracts as Corrosion Inhibitors for αBrass in Acidic Media

          The present thesis consists of four chapters that throws the light on studying the corrosion behavior of`α-brass in the acidic media using the potentiostatic polarization. Each chapter discusses many topics can be demonstrated as following:
1. Chapter one discusses the introduction topics about corrosion, corrosion forms, electrochemical aspects and copper alloys.  
2. Chapter two discusses the experimental procedures and techniques about characterization of the pomegranate and red apple peels and the polarization study.


Synthesis and Identification of Heterocyclic Compounds as Corrosion Inhibitors in Acidic Media

In this study, Heterocyclic  Compounds were synthesized by several steps as following:

First step: the 1-[4-(5-Bromo-pentyloxy)-phenyl]-ethanone (B1) was synthesized by treatment of    4-hydroxyacetophenon (A) with 1,5-dibromo pentane  in presence of  anhydrous potassium carbonate and acetone.


Purification of waste water resulted from oil Refining using Nanomaterials

Filtration of waste water accompanied with the oil from the well during the refining process, represents a real problem at some case since it may be the source of bacterial growth.Here in this project, MgO nanoparticles has been prepared by sol- gel method to produce particles with sizes range (40nm), while Ag nanoparticles has been prepared by simple chemical method with sizes range (50.73nm).


Corn Silk Extracts as Urease Inhibitors of Klebsiella Bacteria in Iraqi Patients with kidney Stones

This study aimed to extract  the crude from corn silk  using (99.9% ethanol .80% ethanol and water) solvents then study the effect of  those extract on inhibition urease enzyme  which causes infection kidney stones 
• This study included measurement of  blood serum tests (uric acid ,glucose, Albumin ,total protein   , Globulin)  and kidney function tests among  (100)  patients (60 male and 40 female)  of kidney stone in