President of Al-Nahrain University Checks Some of The Places of University

Al-Nahrain Media:Asst.Prof.Dr.Muhammad  Akrem

The  President of Al-Nahrain University ,Prof.Dr.Muhammad  Sahab  Mahdy Al-Tai checks  a number of  sites of Al-Jadrah 

Al-Nahrain University Holds Meeting with Ministry of Science and Technology

Al-Nahrain Media:Noor Fakher

A director of Al-Nahrain Nanorenewable Energy Research Center (NERC) , Prof.Dr.Kareem Kahalif  Muhammad  holds a meeting with 

A President of The University Values a Research Team

Al-Nahrain Media:Antsar   Abaas

A President of  Al-Nahrain University  ,Prof.Dr.Muhammed  Sahab  Mahdy Al-Tai values the effort of  a research team in College  of 


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