الأحكام القانونية لحسم منازعات العقود الإدارية في العراق دراسة مقارنة

   تلجأ الادارة فـي تنفيذ مهامها الى وسائل قانونية عدة ، ولعل من انجعها هو القرار الإداري ، والذي يعتبر عملا" اداريا" انفراديا" ، يصدر عن السلطة الادارية ، دون حاجة او انتظار الى رضا الافراد او الاشخاص الاخرى المخاطبة به ، او قبولهم لنفاذ تلك القرارات الادارية وسريانها ، وهذا بدوره يساعد السلطة الإدارية على القيام بأداء خدمات الوظيفة الادارية فـي اسرع وقت ممكن .


Studying the Effects of He-Ne Laser Beam and Gamma Radiation on CR-39 Detectors Irradiated by α-particles Using Some Spectroscopy Techniques

    The aim of the present work was to study the effect of alpha-particles, gammarays and (He-Ne) laser beam on the track registration and optical properties of  CR-39 detectors. Twenty-four detectors divided into five groups. First group:include nine detectors  were exposed to different powers of (1, 5 and 10 mW) of laser beam at  times (5, 10 and 15 min) and then irradiated to alpha-particles from 226 Ra source.


High Hiding Rate Image Steganography System Based On Affine Transform and LSB Method.

The spying and intrusion operation had been widely spread to steal the information especially with the development of computer networks (like,Internet). To prevent this danger the development of a new technology called “digital information hiding” was developed in such a way that the intruder cannot notice the existence of secret information in the media.In this project an image steganograph system is introduced. The proposed system is based on using the affine transform to represent the blocks of the secret image in terms of the blocks of the cover image.