Aflatoxin B1 production by local isolates of aspergillus and it's effects on hymocytes and splenocytes by light and electron microscope.

Abstract: Aflatoxins are a natural secondary product produced on many storage agricultural commodities which contaminated with a number of toxic fungi particularly A. floviu s and A. parasiticus because of the prevailing climatic conditions as well as faulty and unhygienic storage method used. The presence of aflatoxins in animal feeds cause a major problem and great losses and toxicity to domesticated animals and poultry , and considered to be a potential health hazard to human health.


Preparation and evaluation of coombs test and spt for iso-antibodies and anti-Rh (D) antibodies diagnosis .

Abstract: Anti-globulin reagent is the most important tool used in immunohematology laboratories and blood banks for allo-antibodies screening during incompatible pregnancy and cross matching. this study, attempts were made to prepare a suitables monospecific reagent, for Rh-D allo-immunization during pregnancy; by immunizing rubbits with fresh human serum and purified human immunoglobulin (Ig) anti-human immunoglobulin and anti-human serum were produced and used at a dilutions 1/120 and 1/100 , respectively.


Response of streptococcus species associated with dental plaque to various types of carbohydrates and inhibitory compounds.

Abstract:Twenty five Streptococcus isolates -were obtained from plaque samples and identified using "biocnemical identification system. The growth rate of these isolates was measured and accordingly eight isolates were chosen which gave a higher growth rate and represented the major Streptococcus species involved in dental disease development. Physiological processes were implicated during this study for the improvement of a type of control upon the growth and metabolism of Streptococcus isolates.