Al-Nahrain University has the honor to invite you to participate in the third International Scientific Conference on Materials Science and Engineering


Scholarship Application 2022


The Conference will be held with the participation of the Japanese MIE University and the Malaysian Universities (Universiti Malaysia Perlis and Universiti Sains Malaysia), which will be held electronically on December 28-30-2020  noting that the deadline for submitting research is 1-11-2020
The accepted research papers for publication will be published in Elsevier's Materials Today: Proceedings Journal, with an impact factor of 1.3.  As well as, other selected papers will be published in the Journal of Renewable Materials, that is included in the of Scopes and Clarifit IF 1.341 and Scopus - CiteScore 1.7.
Those wishing to participate, can submit their research paper through the conference website
The Participation and publishing fees are only $ 200
The Participation fees are only $ 50
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