The Rector's Word

The Word of the President of the University

We  have the great  honour  and  dignity to be selected as  the President of Al-Nahrain University  and to  be the eight  President  of this  University that has the name of  Country  of the Two  Rivers  .This  honour is associated with the feeling  of  great responsibility  and   it  has  been celebrated  by    the golden jubilee  to  confront  the   growing challenges   that face the country generally and   the  higher education  particularily.                                                            

Throughout the three past decades ,the University has progressed  in   terms of the aiming steps  and it has deserved a forefront   position   among the    universities of Iraq and among all  the  areas  because  it is the most  inclusiveness in its specializations ,the most giving   it its outcomes ,the recognizable one in its   academic and administrative   body, the  more  competitive  in  its students ,the more creative in serving  the society.               

It has achieved many things and it keeps doing the same all the time.    

Today and tomorrow, the challenges of the information revolution and the various needs of society impose on the university to put strategies and achieving the international dependence.                                                                 

Under our Administration ,the vision ,message, goals, values are undergone exact revision and execution ,and we start formulating committees to redetermine the priorities ,check and revision of the performance and outcomes of the aiming teaching, computerize the administrative work preparing to enter the University in the World Ranking.                                  

Our primary works centrerate on encouraging the teaching body  by using and adopting the multimedia  means of teaching  of the modern age ,and develop the infrastructure  to achieve the goals of University  according to the number of  its students   for pioneering   careers     to achieve  the balance between the basic and  practical researches, encouraging the practical   side  towards the invention,  manufacture  and marketing  the researches , develop  them by the means , procedures and tools .Besides ,it encourages the business incubators   inside and outside   the University  and investing the scientific research to   ensure an economic environment  for the University to depend on its auto-spending in the future.                                                                                                                      

 Our  engineering vision for University is represented by  a center for holding the civilizations and thoughts ,that is, the originality is mixed with modernity  in   one form that reflects the future  by changing the teaching body ,students ,staffs  to be the international citizens  who are capable for interacting with  the world attempting to enrich  the variability  inside the University Campus  through the openness  to  the world  and polarization of the foreigners.

Al-Nahrain University remains a spring of the science and knowledge characterized by its serious work and openness to the new thoughts; and it is regarded as a light of society and a factory of creation, a laboratory of science and culture and it remains a title of renaissance and one of the outstanding Iraqi Universities.