The president of Al-Nahrain University inaugurates the international conference for the sustainable development of the marshes in Iraq.

The President of Al-Nahrain University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saheb Mahdy Al-Taie, inaugurated the works of the virtual international conference on sustainable development of the marshes in Iraq, which was established under the title (The Marshes are a human heritage and an economic tributary to Mesopotamia). The conference was held by Al-Nahrain Research Center for Nanoscale Renewable Energy, in cooperation with the Iraqi Marshland Recovery Center, University of Thi-Qar, Al-Karkh University of Science, and Ministry of Water Resources, along with the participation of a number of researchers from various international, Arab and Iraqi universities.
The President of Al-University welcomed, In his speech on zoom platform, the scientific and preparatory committees, the participating researchers, the attendees, and all those responsible for the success of this conference. 
According to the speech of the president, the conference sheds light on the environment of the marshes because of its great importance in improving the environment and climate factors in Iraq in general, through the exploitation of modern industry technology to preserve and develop this cultural heritage through renewable energy sources.
Al-Taie added, given the diversity of Al-Nahrain University’s interests in all fields of knowledge, that the conference included three parts. the first one includes environmental and applied sciences, sustainable energy and architecture. The second part includes water management and environmental studies. Finally, the third one includes economic studies, investment, tourism and archeology.