President of Al-Nahrain University Checks Some of The Places of University

Al-Nahrain Media:Asst.Prof.Dr.Muhammad  Akrem

The  President of Al-Nahrain University ,Prof.Dr.Muhammad  Sahab  Mahdy Al-Tai checks  a number of  sites of Al-Jadrah  Complex during his visit of a set of the infrastructures of the University  and parks of both College of Science and that of Political Science .He  refers to the efforts of the workers to achieve the best result according to the best qualifications  asserting that we must keep the procedures  of  the public safety and presenting the best  services. 

Besides ,he meets with the supervisors  and  workers who present their viewpoints  about their work and he  explains that we  need to develop all  services of the University  according to the developments and  basic demands.



Translated by

Prof.Aula  Abdul  Ghaffour Muhammad Salah