President of The University Visits Babylon University to Cooperate with It.

Al-Nahrain Media:Asst.Prof.Dr.Muhammad Akrem

The President of Al-Nahrain University ,Prof.Dr.Muhammad Sahab Mahdy Al-Tai visits Babylon University and the president of Babylon University ,Prof.DR.Adel Abaas Al-Musawi receives him.

The visit implies the  discussion  about  cooperation  and exchange of knowledge and experiences between the two partners in the academic and research field ; activation  of conferences ,workshops ,symposiums   in their  joined  specializations and contribute in the educational process in Iraq working for achieving the data of the governmental program  of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.  

This visit is one of the rounds of Al-Tai to activate the agreements of science and education between universities and  the scientific institutions  in Iraq  following the principle of the research and academic diligence.


Translated  by

Asst.Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad  Salah