President of Al-Nahrain University Receives The Cultural Media Centre Delegation

Al-Nahrain Media

The President  of Al-Nahrain  University,Prof.Dr.Muhammad  Sahab Mahdy  Al-Tai  Receives  the  Cultural Media Centre Delegation : Prof.Dr.Majad Saad ;Prof.Zahar Al-Roomy ,the director of the International Relations of Centre; Prof.Salaam Muhammad, the Cultural Consultant  of the Centre  and Amaal Al-Azway  ,the Responsible for the Woman Branch to  develop the cooperation between the two partners. The  delegation  congratulates Al-Tai for his new position  praising  the role of the university and its  diligent reputation on the local ,regional and international levels wishing the best and success for the president of the University  and all the staff of it  to develop the science and education .Al-Tai  presents  a detail  explanation of the activities of the University  and its  prospective  plans in the academic and research aspect  as an attempt to achieve the international competition with the international diligent universities  according to  the governmental  programme outcomes  of the University following  the directions  of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research .At  the  end  ,the President of the Iraqi Cultural Media  Centre presents a shield  for the President of the University  appreciating  the role of the University and its Presidency  in interaction  with the institutions of the society. Besides, a creation shield is given to Asst.Prof.Dr.Muhammas Akrem Abd Al-Jaleel for his efforts to support the media work in the University.

Translated  By

Asst.Prof.Aula  Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah