Al-Nahrain is Present in The Academic and Scientific Relations Conference in Germany

Al-Nahrain Media:Asraa  Abd Al-Kareem

Al-Nahrain University Participates  in the  Scientific ,Academic  and Historical Relations  Conference between  Iraq  and Germany in Heidelberg University which is the oldest university in Germany which is held in a period(10-13 July). A number  of lecturers participate in this conference involving  Prof.Dr.Dhaa Shamagh  Zagheer  , the Director of the Forensic DNA for Research and Training; Prof.Dr.Hassen Jaad ,the Asst.Dean for the Scientific Affairs in the College of Science ; Asst.Prof.Dr.Alaa Al-Ghazawhy ,the Director  of the Scientific Affairs Department and Cultural Relations,  ;Prof.Dr.Nabeel  Abd Al-Sahab ,a lecturer  of the College of Engineering;  Dr.Hussein Thamer ,a  lecturer  of Al-Nahrain  Nonrenewable  Energy  Centre  ;the Iraqi Consultant  in Heidelberg city ; the Cultural Attaché in Germany ,Asst.Prof.Dr.Jwad  Shineen  and specialists of  the German University .

Dr.Alaa Al-Ghazawhy presents  a lecture  about the educational  system in Iraq  in cooperation with the German aspect  who explains the educational system in Germany .A number of recommendations   are  presented  which are the exchange the experiences of the lecturers and students between the two partners for training and supervision .Finally  ,the shields are given to the two partners. 

This participation opens the cooperation and exchange between the diligent universities to develop the scientific reality in Iraq making the Iraqi Universities as the international ones.   Translated By

Asst.Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah