President of Al-Nahrain University Receives The Saudi Ambassador

Al-Nahrain  Media: Asst.Prof.Dr.Muhammad  Akrem

President  of  Al-Nahrain University ,Prof.Dr.Muhammad   Sahab Mahdy  Al-Tahi  along with the staff of the  Presidency receives  the Saudi ambassador ,Abd Al-Aziz Al-Shamery .This  visit  is one of the programmes of the cultural  exchange  of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research  by exchanging  the  studying  schemes of the  preliminary  and   postgraduate  studies  between  Republic of Iraq and the Arab and foreign states  and this visit discusses  the outcomes of science and education between the two partners. Al.Tai , on his own turn ,presents the accomplishments  of the University on all the local, regional  and international  levels   and he adds that the University  is ready  for the scientific academic  research cooperation  according to the directions of Ministry  of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Al-Shamery ,on his own turn,  stresses on the quality   of the scientific  diligence and reputation of University and efficiency  of  its lecturers  wishing  the success for  them   with   their students .

Translated  By

Asst.Prof.Aula  Abdul  Ghaffour Muhammad Salah