The President Receives The Iraqi Cultural Media Center

Al- Nahrain Media:Dr.Muhammed Akrem

The President of Al-Nahrain University ,Prof.Dr. Nabeel Kadim Abid Al-Sahib, the director of the Iraqi  Cultural Media Center,Prof.Majed Al-Said and  Dr.Habib Al-Sady,the general  coordinator of the scientific  affairs to discuss  the cooperation between them .In addition , the delegation of the media center pays attention to the activities of the Presidency  of University and its achievements on the local ,regional and international  levels as the Socrates Award  which is given to the University and The best leader title which  is given to the president of the University.  

Abd Al-Sahib  presents the strategy of the University to support the science and education in Iraq and  he is ready to  cooperate  with this Center on all  levels .In this meeting ,the director of the Media and the Cultural Relations in this University,  Dr.Muhammad Akrem attends also.


Translated  by

Asst.Prof.Aula  Abdul Ghaffour Muhmmad  Salah