The Turkish Babir Shield is given to The President of Al-Nahrain University

Al-Nahrain Media:Dr.Muhammad Akrem

The President of The University , Prof.Dr. Nabeel Kadim Abid Al-Sahib  receives the Turkish  delegation  of   Babir Centre  as an attempt to strengthen the cooperation ties of  our Univrsity with  others   in  the local, regional aspects  interesting in  the science ,education , the research  and academic aspects ; he presents an explanation about  the specializations ,developments of the colleges , centers of University, the  patented ,researches,  the prospective strategic plans according to the diligent scientific institutions. He also points out to the multiple  scientific academic activities and the membership of the executive office of the Arab Universities Association depending on the Arabic  impact factor and the role of the university of      doing that . The Turkish  delegation  is impressed by the development of this university  according to the Ministry of higher education and Scientific Research  principles and it is ready to share with this university in conferences ,symposiums and workshops.

 At the end ,the Turkish delegation presents a creation shield to the president of the University which is given to the important persons   in science and education.


Translated By

Asst.Prof.Aula  Abdul Ghaffour Muahhamd