Al-Nahrain University Celebrates by the Graduation of its Fifty-five Round Entitled (Victory and Development)

Al-Nahrain  Media:Al-Media  Branch

The  Prsident of Al-Nahrain University , Prof.Dr. Nabeel Kadim Abid Al-Sahib  welcomes his guests  involving   the president of the Council of Representatives ,Mr.Muhammad Al-Halboosy; the representative of the Prime Minster ,Mr.Mahdi Al-alaq ;and representative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research ,Mr.Musah Al-Musoohy ;the governor of Baghdad  ,Atwan Al-Atwany    ,Mr.abdalAl-Raziq Abdal Jalil Al-Essa;Mr.Ali Al-Adeeb ;Dr.Huseein Al-Sharastani; Representatives of Council of Representatives :Hasn Salim,Muhammad al-Muswey, Ali Jabar Al-Gnam ,Yunis  Shagnay ,Samrah Al-Muswey as wellasMinster of Communications , Dr.Neim al-Rabey ;the Advisor of Prime Minster ,Dr.Mehsen  Alquragy ;the Head of Apparatus ofSupervision and Scientiifc Evaluation  ; President of  Dhi Qar Univrsity; representative of Al-Waqaf  Al-Shaay  and Commander of Baghdad Operations for  their attendance of  the  graduation of the  students  ( 2017-2018) in their fifty-five  round(The Victory   and Development).

The President of the University says  :" Honouring   our students  for  what they  have  presented  during their study  as  their studying  efforts  making their university be among the international universities assuring that this university  and its staff follow  its scientific  programme and its developed  plans  on the preliminary and higher studies  levels encouraging  them to use  their skills  and their  abilities  to serve their demands."      


Translated By

       Asst.Prof.Aula  Abdulghaffour Muhammad Salah