College of Science holds Its Fourth Conference for Higher Students' Researches



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College of Science  holds Its Fourth Conference for Higher Studies Students'  Researches  with the contribution  of the Higher Studies Students /scholarships  of all the departments of college.

The conference whose slogan Recognition and Creation  aims for supporting the applied researches which helps to   develop country  by the contribution of these students with the attendance of their researchers.

The conference includes many researches   : The Biological Activity  of Some  Ionic Liquids of The Aluminum Salts /the student, Amin Ali, Blood Serum and the Bacterial Growth of The Lungs and the Staphylococcus aureus Organizm /the student Basim Baqar  hasen , Hady Muhammad Ali Abood and Nadrah Salamn Muhammad;The    reparation of the derivatives of the compound  Triazoles by the students:Halah Med Jaberand Ahmed abid Al-Raziq and The   Impact of  cytochrome Enzymeon breast cancr in premenopausal  by  using tamoxifen with the medicine of diabets by the students  Ibrhem Waleed ,Feras Abd Allah Hassin and Whem Salah.The Conference  includes  workshops  for the purpose of  expand knowledge of the conference and  taking advantage of it  by contributing  in this conference by  the evaluation  documents  of the higher   students of their discussion  of their dissertation or theses  and finally  honouring  the  contributed  students in this conference.


Translated By

Asst.Prof.Aula Abdulghaffour Muhammad Salah