The Forsenic Science Centre Contributes in a Workshop "The Bilogical and Medical Garbages.


Al-Nahrain Media:Dr.Antsar Abaas

 A Head of The Seed Bank  and the Consecution Nucleobase  Dept,Dr.,Nadara Salman  and the head of the Molecular genetics   and DNA ,Dr.Majeed Rasheed   Contributes in a Workshop entitled"The Bilogical  and Medical  Garbages."done by the Unit of Adminstration if Quality Relability of Libraries in The Applied Biotechnologies College   with CRDF.       

This workshop aims at explaining the danger of the  biological carbages and the ways of dealing with them.Besides ,it includes the foods' safety of the gentically modified food ,the moralitries of the solid waste management   , how to deal with them  and disposal of them for it  has the negative effects on the environment pollution and on the society and individual too .                                                                                                      Translated By

Asst.Prof.Aula Abdul ghaffour Muahammad