Nahrain University has got The Awards of The International Architectural Graduate Projects Competition

Nahrain  Media/Dr.Muhammad Akrem
Nahrain University's individual and recognizable achievements of different specializations including the Architectural Engineering  on the local and international levels are many. This  College has participated  in  The International Distinction of  Architectural Graduate Projects  Competition(2016)which is a reward given to the participants  around the world of the last stages of Architectural Department of the international different universities.With the sponsorship and support of the President of Nahrain University ,Prof.Dr.Nabeel KadimAbid Al-Sahib to achieve the scientific goals according to the methodology of the  scientific and academic  research   ,this college  has participated in this competition. Besides ,it is also  sponsored by the dean of the Engineering College ,the Architectural Department which has participated in this competition  among 219 projects in architectural  engineering specialization in order to have the first award for the best project  for the student Ahmed Badir  who also have got a   scholarship   grant to study master in University of Milan  in Italy ,while the lecturer of the same department ,Asst.Prof.Dr.Saba Mahdi Sami  has  got the best supervisor lecturer by having the medal specialized for winning  of the competition of distinction and acknowledgment certificate. The Architectural Engineering Department among the multiple departments of the participated universities is recognized by the best Cup Architectural Department in the international achievement   adding to the diligent and scientific university achievements records  . Among the  Iraqi participated universities according to its series in the competition are Babylon  ,Mosul , Kirkuk ,   Sulaymaniyah ,Saladin ,Baghdad and Technology.As it  is mentioned , this reward is established in 2012 and is expanded from a local award into an international award with an international judging committee   of the most famous architects as Jane Duncan  ,a president of the Royal British Institute  and the professor ,Paul ivy the vice-dean of South Bank  University the dead Iraqi ,Zahi Hadid.   


Translated By

Asst.Prof. Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad