Among Iraqi Universities, Al-Nahrain University has got The Best Recognizable University

Nahrain Media/Dr.Muhammad  Akrem

Al-Nahrain University has got the best   Recognizable  University  Award  for doing  many achievements  according to the evaluation  issued by  Ministry   of Higher education and Scientific Research /Official  Research and   Development Department and  this comes  with  the  annually  multiple   presented  awards on the occasion of The Science  Day  encouraging   the scientific  efficiencies , the academic and research   creativity  .The University has got this  position following the general planning  institutional change   in accordance with   a recognizable strategy   supervised and supported by the President of University,    Prof .Dr.Nabeel  Kadim  Abid Al-Sahib  .All  the working efficiencies are gathered in University  making it    progress in its  big  architectural    projects  including the infrastructures projects ,the new Presidency building    , the Central Library building  ,the sport  halls ,Bank  and  the new  Students' Club  which use the best  developed buildings  and services as the basic  buildings .In addition , it includes  many  projects  such as developing  the Pharmacy  College ,Nahrain Centre   for the  renewable  Nano  energy   and the Electronic  Computer  Centre .Besides, a number of the modern  scientific laboratories are developed  in Engineering College ,The Science  College , The Information  Engineering College  by using the most international  laboratory equipment; it develops  the infrastructures in   the University  Composite in  the holy  Al-Kadhimiya city preparing all the supplies and the teaching halls  to develop  Diploma  of human rights  of College of Law  in Iraq by adding   a set  of   the modern  laboratories ; it develops  Scan-T-PE  and MRL equipment in  the Medicine College  along with installing and running it; the aiding techniques for procreation (the birth hall)in which the birth  of the three babies are given successfully   for the service of society .Moreover ,the University develops its streets ,the electrical energies ;develops the agricultural  spaces and many achievements  by which the University has got the First Position  /The Best Recognizable  University which has done  the best  international achievements  among the Iraqi Universities .Moreover ,this University has got the third position of the QS.

Translated by

Asst.Prof..Aula Abdul  Ghaffour  Muahammad