Minister of Higher Education Opens the Completed Projects at AL-Nahrain University

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research,
Prof. Dr. Hussain Al-Shahristani, was opened the new completed
Projects at Al-Nahrain University,
-The first project is the building of the University Presidency,
-The second project is the building of the student club,
- The third project is processing and rehabilitation laboratories of the College of Engineering,
- The fourth project is rehabilitation of the dormitories and the road leading to the new buildings of the university,
- The fifth project is processing and rehabilitation of laboratories in the college of Science, and opening classrooms, and laboratories in the college of Information Engineering.

The Minister of Higher Education said in his speech during the official opening ceremony which has been organized by the presidency of the university in great conference hall, that "AL-Nahrain University is one of the best and distinguished universities in its high level of academic through keeping up with the developments which taking place in developed countries, as well as harness the scientific energies to serve the community.

His Excellency, Dr. Hussain Al-Shahristani, added that" actions speak better than words "and what have been achieved by the t university during this period where the country is suffering from the lack of financial allocations which wasn't enough for operating and investment budget. In this difficult and hard circumstance, the University of Al-Nahrain had accomplished these lagging projects for many years.

Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani, urged to modernize the curriculum, stressing on the importance on how to shorten the best ways to access to the cognitive development and providing the appropriate atmosphere for the advancement of the university education and developed the capabilities of teaching members through incarcerate them in scientific sessions and access to the modern experience.
He pointed out that all the peoples of the world formulate their curricula in accordance with the humanitarian principles and ideals.

The Minister of Higher Education praised on the victories achieved by our security forces and the popular crowd in its war against the forces of darkness and atonement, calling on students to defeat these forces and terrorist gangs through scientific development and promote a culture of moderation on campus.

For his part, President of Al-Nahrain University,
Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadum Abdul-Sahib, in his speech on this occasion said " "Today we celebrate the opening of special and important projects for the advancement of education and keep up with the advanced universities in the world."

Dr. Abdul-Sahib, added that the achievements that have been fulfilled in this year within the academic field, which are added to these projects
Including the establishment of the college of Pharmacy, the Computer Center and IVF operations Hall, which is considered as the first among Iraqi universities, and equipped modern scientific laboratories in the College of Engineering and Science, to keep pace with the advanced international universities and opening post- graduate studies in rare specialties and developed curriculum and the opening higher studies in rare specialties and developed curriculums for both levels (under and post) graduates, scholarship students to international discreet universities and holds seminars and workshops inside and outside the university.

He explained that achieving the goal is an important matter and how to keep with it, is more important. Today the Iraqi men proved that they are most efficient and the most insistent to confront criminal gangs (Daash ) and achieve victories and achievements in all Iraqi cities, in order to provide our generation with a decent life free of violence and terrorism.

Dr. Abdul-Sahib followed his speech and said that the university has
achieved for the current year the completion of operational investment budget , so as to ensure the requirements of the university.
Moreover, the appointments are done according to the actual need and the development of the administrative staffs through involving them in specialized courses. Working on the electronic management, where many archiving E- files has been achieved at the university and its formations.
The university has begun E-governance program and it has achieved the
Technical requirements, in addition to the media development which replaced the r first place among Iraqi universities.

Mr. Mukhtar Ismail Ali, the General Director of (Al Rasheed Company for Construction &Contracting) added that our company is proud to construct the new buildings for Al-Nahrain University and for the trust established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Al-Nahrain University towards the works of our company.
He explained the contractual cost of the two projects, and what are the buildings included of rooms, stores and halls.

In addition to the processing systems that are imported from abroad.
He noted that the company has been completed earlier the Deanship buildings related to the college of Information Engineering, the laboratories building and the Central Library at Al-Nahrain University .

The secretary-general of the threshold of the Holy Kadhimiya
Dr. Jamal al-Dabbagh, said "It is a great pleasure to accept this invitation directed to us by Mr. President of AL-Nahrain University to participate this occasion and attend the blessed celebrations on this day.
I t is clear that the achievements speak for themselves, we were heard during the ceremony to the words and phrases that praised the active role of all members of the university and their determination to complete the private buildings, as well as the films and movies presentations the outlined to us this scientific and the reconstruction process for this prestigious university.

AL- Dabbagh said that the university has allowed us today through this round to access to the important projects and laboratories that serve the scientific process. Moreover, we have seen achieved process,
We "Thank God" that there are such people who work in order to make this university in a prominent place, both inside and outside Iraq.

The celebration included the opening of the road to the new university buildings, the project of opening presidency of the university building,
the student club and a group of projects carried out by the University of Al-Nahrain f or the rehabilitation and equipping of laboratory equipment for the college of Engineering , Science and Information Engineering.

The Civil Engineering Department is equipped with 70 devices, which was used by under and post graduate students as an investment for graduation research distributed between laboratory of Transportation, laboratory of soil and concrete laboratory, as well as the labs of Mechanical Engineering college in the field of refractories and tunnel antenna and heat transfer devices in the field of applied mechanics.

It was received approximately 90 devices of the department of Electronic and Communications Engineering and 30 devices for the department of Biomedical Engineering. These devices are considered as the latest international origins.

The opening was been crowned by submitting of certificates of appreciations
by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to all those who contributed to these efforts in completing these projects .They are as follow:-
-The Manger of the Department of Engineering Affairs and its affiliates
Dr. Hussam Kadhim Resan ,
- The General Director for Al- Rasheed Contracting Company
The Engineer Mr. Mukhtar Ismail Ali,
-The Manger of the Department of the President Office Affairs
Lecturer Dr. Haitham Qassem Mohammed and his affiliates,
The Manager of the Department of Student Activities
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hamid Yousif Hamid,
The Manager of the Follow-up Section,
Mr. Ammar Kamel Hamad
The Manager of the Finance Department
Ms. Nethal Rezouki Raheem
The Manger of the Control and Internal Audit Department
Mrs. Iftikhar Rezouki Najem
-The Manager of security Clearances Office,
Mr. Hamid Moussa Haidar

For the appreciation and assessment for the care and support of the Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadum Abdul-Sahib was handed over (University Shield )to his Excellency .

The opening ceremony was attended by many Parliamentary figures, media and prominent political figures as:-
- The Parliamentary
Mr.Mohammed al-Shammari,
-The General Director of the Iraqi Media Network,
Mr. Mohammed Al-Shabot
-The General Secretary of Al- Kadhimiy Holy threshold
Dr. Jamal Al-Dabbagh
As well as a large media presence culminated in a press conference to His Excellency Mr. Minister....

Translated by
Dr.Edhah .N.

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