Information Technology Engineering organize a seminar on cloud computing

A lot of governments institutions and companies use the computers to store their data or to interact with applications or for development, as it is the cause of the rapid progress of large and competitive economic institutions in the world. Due to the importance of the subject of cloud computing the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Al- Nehrain,has organized a scientific seminar on the subject of cloud computing and the necessary requirements to apply it in Iraq. A large number of specialists and telecommunications companies from various governmental institutions have participated in it.

The aim of the seminar, which has been organized by the Department of Systems Engineering, is to apply cloud computing system, which includes easy access to the data and keep it from loss. The system also helps to reduce the expenses of maintaining equipment or purchasing it as the system works without resources.
The seminar included four lectures, the first lecture (Cloud Computing and Modern Education Using Smart Phone) by Dr. Sami al-Kadhim Hassan. The second lecture revolved around ((Cloud Computing and E-Government)) by Dr Rahim Abdul-Sahib. The third lecture centered on (( The Development in Iraq: a Cloud Computing Feasibility Study)) by Dr. Naim Thijeel Yoser. The last lecture tackled the subject of (Cloud Computing Security by Dr. Mahmoud Khalil Ibrahim.
Al- Nehrain media: Hana Saied

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