Al-Nahrain College of Medicine Updating Studying Curricula

As an authentic international institution, Al-Nahrain University has many initiatives to raise the scientific level of its students. And also as a creative gesture and new scientific accomplishment, Al-Nahrain College of Medicine updated and coded its curricula which are considered as the first initiative in which syllabuses are encoded.

The College of Medicine / Al-Nahrain University consists of twelve scientific branches; eight of them are specialized in the basic medical sciences including; Anatomy, chemistry & biochemistry, histology & physics, microbiology, pharmacology, pathology, forensic medicine, and community medicine, and four clinical branches including; medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, and pediatrics, in addition to the scientific units which are; medical research unit, English language unit, Arabic language unit, democracy and human rights unit, sports and training unit, computer unit and quality guarantee of academic performance unit.
Al-Nahrain Media/ Dr. Intisar Abbas