Al-Nahrain Engineering organizes a seminar on the concept of the sustainability applications in architecture

Under the auspices of the President of the University of Al- Nahrain, Dr. Nabil Kazim Abdul-Sahib, the department of architecture in the college of engineering/ Al- Nahrain University, has held a scientific seminar on the concept of architectural sustainability on Alrafedain Hall. A large number of specialists, researchers, academics and graduate students have participated in it. The seminar has aimed at enhancing the economic growth by using the energy sources, investing the renewable energies in the urban environment, to make the perfect investment of a high quality of high buildings and cities, to contribute in reducing the negative effects of the climate's change and finding new sources of energy as an alternative for the conventional energy sources which contaminates the environment, to increase the span life of the Built Environment, and to ensure the future of the next generations by creating a healthy environment to live in.

The seminar aims at introducing the concepts of sustainability, and its relationship with the architectural and urban design, to clarify the impact of architectural design on the climate's change, to achieve performing efficiency and economic benefits, to save energy in urban areas, and to promote the renewable energy, which Al-Nahrain University is seeking in order to diversify and sustain the energy sources.

The seminar included lectures, presentations and discussions, focusing on the latest developments in the field of renewable energy and its sustainability, presented by a group of specialists. The first lecture by Dr. Khalid Abdul-Wahab, which has tackled the self-cooling in traditional and contemporary architecture. The second lecture by Dr. Saad al-Jumaili, has shed light on the relationship between street and sustainable development. The third lecture by Dr. Arshad Abdul-Jabbar which has revolved around the new environmental elements in Architecture.

Mr. Chairman Prof. Dr. Nabil Kazim Abdul-Sahib said that the subject of the seminar occupies a high position in the field of renewable energy and sustainable development in the energy sector in order to meet with the human needs of the future generations, and there is an urgent need to review the cultural architecture, and at the same time, preserving the architectural heritage, noting that the industrial international community is giving a great interest in the degradation of the environment and the consequences of the economic and social development.

Dr. Abdul-Sahib has added that we should diversify the energy sources in order to maintain them, as well as contributing in the reduction of emissions, emphasizing that although there are multiple advantages in the renewable energy, yet, it will not completely replace the traditional fuels, even in non- oil producing countries and this is witnessed by some global policies for sustainable development in some countries, both in environmental or economic landscape.
Al-Nahrain media: Hanaa Saaed/ Hanaa Muhemmed

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