Genesis of University

About the University of Al- Nahrain Al- Nahrain University was found in 1987, including two compounds, one in Jadriya, which includes Engineering, Science, Political Science, Information Technology engineering, Business Economics, Biotechnology facilities and the centers are the bio-technology research center, the training on nuclear forensic acid center, the renewable energy nanoparticles center and the computer center. The other compound in Kadhimiyah includes schools of medicine, law, pharmacy and the Higher Institute for the diagnosis of infertility and assisted reproduction techniques. The aim of university is to create a new example and high quality trained academic associates to correspond to scientific developments and scientific techniques that the world is witnessing, to secure a scientific base characterized by creativity, innovation and establish ennobled elites of the finest graduates and post graduate to participate in upholding the scientific and cultural construction of Iraq. The University of Al- Nahrain is a member in the Association of the Arab Universities and Federation of international universities and its degrees is recognized by UNESCO. The university is witnessing in each year a qualitative development in the provision of modern supplies and preparation of scientific expertise eligible to uphold with the advanced science in the world. From the concept of the loyalty to the homeland of civilizations, the name of (AlNahrain) was chosen for this university to confirm the authenticity of its belonging to this country, which historical roots extends deep in the soil fed by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers over centuries.

Al- Nahrain University .. Between Reality and the Future Al- Nahrain University is seeking to secure data from scientific expertise having the capabilities of creativity, the application of quality, and seeking international reliability base. It is also seeking to keep abreast with scientific and technical development by conducting scientific researches, thesis, and advanced formulations to establish cultural and scientific relations and cooperation with sober universities and international research centers for the purpose of the development of the studying Methods, exchange of professors and graduate students, conducting shared research, and setting up conferences. The University of Al Nahrain is planning, within the five-year future plan, to complete the infrastructure of the university to meet with the academic and scientific mission, through the reinventions which comes in line with the needs of the Iraqi society in the fields of medicine, engineering, applied and human sciences; through preparing architectural and engineering future designs for the University such as administrative buildings and services, classrooms and central laboratories, and planned parks and leisure services for students and associates of the university.