Engineering of Al-Nahrain Contribute Its Research Results in The Fourth Scientific Conference for The Engineering Science

Artificial Limbs Engineering Department contributes in the Fourth   International  Conference for the Engineering Science in which a number of  projects  and   research  results      of  different     engineering  
departments are presented by the attendance of a large set of engineers and specialists  of different Iraqi ministries. 
In this conference, Artificial  Limbs Engineering Department presents a number of research results explaining an advanced creation in this field.
Besides, their results are discussed in detail by the representative on Minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research ,Prof.Dr,Hyder Abd Thahd  who appreciates the   high research abilities and efforts of the students.This conference is regarded as an important platform for the creation and the scientific research in the engineering field reflecting the continuous progress in the engineering researches and their application in different fields. 
Translated by
Prof.Aula Abdual Ghaffour Muhammad