College of Business Economics has organized a symposium under the title " recent techniques of managing accounting and financial control". This symposium aimed at introducing the importance of techniques in the field of managing accounting and financial c

According to the economic, cognitive and scientific role played by Al-Nahrain University to contribute in solving the financial crisis which Iraq faces, college of Business Economics has organized a scientific symposium discussing the federal budget in Iraq with the participation of many prominent economists and experts.
"This symposium aimed to figure out the challenges and the way to face it, looking forward to the future of the economy of Iraq and facing the difficulties that defacing it. Under all these circumstances, Iraq is now passing through a contingent economic situation which needs to review the financial budget accurately, also this deficit budget which hits the economy needs to be addressed by Iraqi universities to shed the light on this vital subject and find some scientific solution for it ,for this reason we organized this activity with the participation of many experts and some advisors of Iraq cabinet to discuss all difficulties which Iraq economy faces now". Al-Nahrain University president said.
On the other hand , the economic expert Dr.Mthher M. Salih has delivered a lecture during this symposium concerning the management of risks in the federal budget of Iraq ,shedding the light on organizing 2015 budget and setting an financial programs stands on the an annual estimations for revenues' and expenditures with the necessity of contracting governmental deals. the Dean of Business Economics College, Dr. Hajeer Adnan Zaki, said " college of Business Economics has hosted Dr. Mthher to discuss the nature of difficulties that face Iraq economy under the circumstances of dropping oil prices and thinking of revenues which can be helpful for reviving the economy so, the country should have other recourses' that can boost the financial budget of Iraq.