For The Ninth Year Consecutively…Two Referees of Al-Nahrain are Honoured by The International badge for Judging The International Matches

The Director  of The Students’ Activities in Al-Nahrain University ,the International Referee ,Dr.Ali Sabah and the International Referee ,Zayed Thabet are honoured by the International Medal for judging the Asian and International  matches.

The Captain Adnan Darjal ,the Head of the Iraqi Football Association  honours  Dr.Ali Sabah, director of the Referee’s Office and  and Zayed Thabet  in a central Celebration which is held by   the Iraqi Football Association. This is used in ninth years consecutively for honouring them (advanced referees)in many civil and international celebrations and contributing in the active crucial matches. 


Translated by

Prof.Aula Aabdual Ghaffour Muhammad