Al-Nahrain University Has Got 4 Awards in Honouring Alayan University in Its Fourth Version

Al-Nahrain University contribute in the honour of the Iraqi Alayan University  in its fourth version in 2024 in which Minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research ,Prof.Dr.Naeem Al.Aboudi;a representative of Al-Nahrain University,a President of a University,  Prof.Dr.Omar Farouq Abd Al-Rasheed and Assistant of President of the University for Scientific Affairs attend this honour.

This honour aims for supporting the researchers ; evaluate their achievements in different sciences and knowledge;motivating  their researches;supporting the researchers directly financially and morally and starts establishing the central scientific laboratories.

Al-Nahrain University has got four awards by which a number of researchers have honoured (Researchers Awards)including ,Dr.Saad Henish ,Dr.Imad Abd Al-.Hussein and Dr.Osama Imad Abd Al-Hussein Khelf and Dr.Osama has honoured by his first university of scientific research.

The honour shows the attendance of a number of representatives,the presidents of Universities  ,instructors and researchers assuring the importance of scientific research by which Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research uses in its priority for achieving the total progress in the scientific side and practical application in different fields of science.


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdual Ghaffour Muhammad Salah