Centre of Continuous Teaching in Al-Nahrain Organizes a Course of Linguistic Skills

A Centre of Coninuous Teaching in Al-Nahrain University organizes a course entitled The Development of The Linguistic Skills in Paraphrasing the Formal Speeches by the sponsorship of President of Al-Nahrain University,Prof.Dr.Ali Abd Al-Aziz Al-Shawey ;Director of the Centre ,Faheq Muhammad Sarehen. This course aims for developing the career administrative  performance in editing the formal speeches and their paraphrase as well as knowing the mistakes , linguistic notes and spelling and using ways for correcting it by its formal systematic form.

The course is presented by the instructor,Asst.Prof.Dr.Anwer Shanenwy Thab and rapporteurs of the scientific departments , administrative staff and directors of offices.


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdual Ghaffour Muhammad Salah