"Together for Humanity" - an awareness campaign by students of the College of Biotechnology at Al-Nahrain University.

A group of first-year evening students from the College of Biotechnology at Al-Nahrain University carried out an awareness campaign titled "Together for Humanity" to promote awareness of human rights and democracy.
The campaign aimed to enhance awareness of the importance of respecting human rights and democratic values in society. It included stages of preparation and execution, where students crafted an encouraging message to the community, urging them to defend human rights and uphold the law and order.
The organizers of the campaign placed the messages in envelopes accompanied by flyers and distributed them to the individuals who were educated during the campaign. The campaign received support and endorsement from the college's leadership.
Professor Dr. Mohsen Hashem Rasen, the dean of the college, affirmed that the university's goals include serving the community. The teaching staff expressed their pride in their students and their dedication to implementing such humanitarian and awareness initiatives. This initiative is part of comprehensive efforts to raise community awareness.