College of Engineering Holds a Workshop about Bologna Method and Mechanisms of Using It in Iraqi Universities.


Chemical Engineering Department in Al-Nahrain University holds a workshop entitled Bologna Method and Mechanisms of  Using It in

Iraqi Universities presented by Dr.Yaser Ammad Abd Aziz,Dr.Osama Akrem Seed ,Dr.Marwah Faheq  Abd Al-Jaber ,Dr.Waqer Abd Al-Wahed Abd Al-Nabeh and Dr.Mawed Fathel Hamed.This workshop implies a description of the teaching materials in the terms of Bologna method  and giving examples of that ,describing the tasks of instructors in applying that method and scheduled time (hours)according to the teaching materials.


Besides, the Head of Chemical Engineering Department ,Dr.Abas Abd Al-Kareem attends this workshop as well as a number of instructors of Chemical Engineering Department and students of morning and evening studies attend that workshop.


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdual Ghaffour Muhammad