Engineering of Computer Webs in Al-Nahrain Organizes an Electronic Lecture about Building a Successful Job in The Field of Technology

Engineering of Computer Webs Department in Al-Nahrain University organizes an electronic lecture entitled Building a Successful Job  in The Field of Technology:The Advices of Experts which is presented by Mrs.Layah Garet,a manger of production in the global Google  Company.

 The lecture presents the thoughts about building a successful professional life in the industry of technology quickly and how the postgraduates select the work positions and dealing with it professionally .

 Garlet  in her conversation explains the scientific and marketing means as well as  promotion of the technical and scientific capabilities.

The contributors appreciate the  providing the chances in the field of work market and the scientific technology by presenting lectures in cooperation with the recognizable global companies.


Translated by

Prof.Aula abdual Ghaffour Muhammad