An Instructor of Al-Nahrain University Contributes in a Scientific Discussion in Baghdad University

Prof.Dr.Alaa Hussein Jawad of Chemistry Department in College of Science /Al-Nahrain University heads a discussion committee of Master dissertation for the student Saher Muhammad Adan in her dissertation entitled  The Evaluation of Polyamines Levels and  Others from Biochemistry Principles for the Iraqi Patients with Gallstones.

The study aims for evaluating the levels of Polyamines,  Spermidine,SPS,Spermine,SPM in Iraqi patients with gallstone in comparison with healthy persons.

The study summarizes that by determining the effect of complications of gallstone on the level of  Polyamines to explains its oxidizing effect on the pathophysiology for the complication of gallstone.


 Translated by

Prof.Aula abdual Ghaffour Muhammad