Law of Al-Nahrain Holds an Educational Symposium about The White Cane for People with Visual Impairment

Continuing Education Unit of  College of Law in Al-Nahrain University

holds an educational  symposium about white cane for people with visual impairment on the Hall ,Prof.Dr.martyr Adnan Abad.

This symposium is presented by Asst.Instr,Hassen Saed Razah and a number of students along with instructors of College attend this symposium. He shows the moral and  psychological support for the blind people and their families assuring that College of Law is careful for supporting and enabling the people with visual impairment by using programs which helps them to be with the community integration and allow them to be independent in easy and safe movement as well as ensuring that they receive their rights easily.


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdual Ghaffour Muhammad