Ministry of Youth and Sport Honours a Student in Al-Nahrain University for His Winning in a Competition The Challenge of Knowledge

Minster of Youth and Sport ,Ahmed Muhammad Al-Mubrghah,honours this first winner of Competition the Challenge of Knowledge ,the student

Zain Al-Abdeen Athar /Economics of Bank  Administration Department of College of Business Economics in Al-Nahrain University .In addition,Al-Nahrain Team achieves the final stage facing the Engineering team of Al-Mustansiriyah University.

The Competition aims for making the knowledge spirit among the students of the Iraqi Universities and making a scientific team from young people who are ready for the international Arabic scientific competitions .Besides,Al-Nharain University attempts to develop its students in the scientific side as well as the social and cultural sides.

The Competition involves two stages:The First Stage implies the personal test for the competitors and the second one represents  the challenge as a group working in a team.The test includes a various set of knowledge,cultural and comprehensive questions and this event is regarded  as a knowledge,cultural and comprehensive competition which attempts to create the challenge spirit among the students. 

Translated by

Prof.Aula abdual Ghaffour Muhammad Salah