Biotechnology in Al-Nahrain University has Organized a Symposium about Desertification

College of Biotechnology in Al-Nahrain University and under sponsorship of  President of the University ,Prof.Dr.Ali Abd Al-Aziz Al-Shawey as well as  attendance of Assistant of President of the University for the Administrative Affairs,Prof.Dr.Alaa Hussein Abd Hafaz and Dean of the College,Prof.Dr.Muhesin Hashem Rasen has organized a scientific symposium about desertification in Iraq:The challenge of food security,  change of climate(treatments and solutions)which is supported by The United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development whose project is The Earth Calling (the change of climate doesn’t identify limits,together united)in Hall of Grand Conferences.

 The symposium aims for explaining the problems which the society and the Iraqi environment suffer because of the weather changes and its affect on the food security as well as presenting solutions for such problems to build a better future.

The sponsorship of Al-Nahrain University for such subjects is done by its role in cooperation with others to achieve a secure social environment and support the project of Ministry of Higher Education to be with the continuous development of the environment in Iraq.




Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdual Ghaffour Muhammad