Branch of Women’s Empowerment in Al-Nahrain University Organizes a Campaign to Ensure Orphans in Cooperation with a Number of Colleges

Branch of Women’s Empowerment in Al-Nahrain University and sponsored by the President of University ,Prof.Dr.Ali Abd Al-Aziz Al-Shaway organizes a campaign for ensuring orphans on the occasion of the Honourable Prophet’s Birthday for Dar Al-Zauher for orphans by cooperating with Colleges(Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering ,Business Economics, College of Political Science ,Biotechnology, High Institute for Infertility  Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies).

In his statement ,Assistant of President of this University for Scientific Affairs ,Asst.Prof.Dr,Omar Farooq assures that the campaign explains the role of the University and academic institutions in society and participating with different sectors  in that.

Besides,the Responsible for the Branch,Dr.Iman Sadam explains  that  this campaign has a large support and a wide participations from different departments of the University as an expression of interdependence and helping others.

This campaign presents a financial support and spending time with the children of Al-Dar as well as Al-Nahrain University holds a number of campaigns for social support and others which are qualifying to ensure that the participation is in the service of society and it is a part of the educational operation and extra-curricular activities.





Translated by

Prof.Aula abdual Ghaffour Muhammad