Medicine of Al-Nahrain Discusses Topical Effect on The Parts of Phytosterol

 College of Medicine in Al-Nahrain University discusses a Master dissertation by the student Neem Hussein /Pharmacology Department

whose dissertation entitled   The Topical Effect on The Parts of Phytosterol  and Flavonoid  from Conyza Canadensis in Comparison with the Tacrolimus for Skin Disease of Stimulating Rats.

The study aims for finding out the potential effectiveness which is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for the parts of  Phytosterol and Flavonid

from Conyza Canadensis.

The study achieves the results which show that topical application of a solution of Nitrobenzene on the leather back to stimulate Atopic  Dermatitis instigated the skin  on 100%  .This significantly  increases   white blood cell levels , citrus, neutrophils ,immunohistochemistry, interleukin 13 and interleukin 2.    

Translated by

Prof.Aula abdual Ghaffour Muhammad