Al-Nahrain Holds a Meeting for Branches and Units of Women’s Empowerment in University

Women’s Empowerment in Al-Nahrain University holds a meeting headed by a director of Department of  Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance ,Dr.Iman Sadam and by the attendance of Responsibles for Units of Women’s Empowerment in Colleges of University which imply a plan of  work  activities that it will be held.

Besides,the concept Women’s Empowerment becomes  an interesting subject for discussing ,especially in the field of development and economics as well as the meeting discusses the future plans for the Branch of Women’s Empowerment in this year and applying  its technique.

Moreover,the meeting includes the basic aspects as the political  ,the economic  and the social aspects;the social security ; sustainable development and protecting the environment from the climate changes.


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdual Ghaffour Muhammad