Minster of Higher Education Checks The Stages of Achievement for Establishing The New Buildings in Al-Nahrain University


Minster of Higher Education,Prof.Dr.Naeem Al-Aboudy  along with the President of Al-Nahrain University ,Prof.Dr.Ali  Abd Al-Aziz Al-Shawy and  Assistant of President  for the Administrative Affairs, Prof.Dr.Alaa Hussein Abd Al-Hafath check  the new Buildings in Al-Nahrain University involving the two buildings of business economics and new studying classes which are recently established in the University.

Al-Aboudy in his tour in Al-Nahrain University sees workflow and stages of achievement for establishing   the new  buildings hoping finishing building on-time which are supervised directly and continuously by the President of this University who assures that Minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research supports the new buildings  greatly for it is of great importance for  providing a suitable scientific environment for the students of University stressing the University’s keenness to facilitate all the procedures and essential requirement for establishing that.

It is mentioned that one of the two buildings is used for deanship of College of Business Economics and a number of classes for this College,the second building is used for studying classes.Besides,the two buildings involves a set of classes and laboratories which are established to develop the architectural aspect in this University.


Translated by

Ptof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah