Al-Nahrain University Holds a Symposium on Women’s Empowerment Politically

Women’s Empowerment Unit in Al-Nahrain University holds a symposium on the requirements of women’s empowerment politically which is held by Dr.Baan Fausy Dawd ,a director of Media and Governmental Connections in this University and a staff of the University and delegation of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry.

This symposium aims for looking for the levels of women’s empowerment in terms of a set of aspects:Firstly,the political vocabularies for women’s empowerment, Secondly, enjoyment of all political,economic and social rights,Thirdly,women’s quota or what is called quota system  which means allocation of a number of women in public offices , organizations and institutions.

In this symposium ,it is talked about the international conventions which concerns women and rules which mention concerning  women .Besides, there are  a set of women who have  important positions  in Iraq and around world and their active role which seen there.


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah