Al-Nahrain University Contributes in Summer School Programme in Germany

Asst.Prof.Dr.Suhad Abd Al-Rahemen , an instructor in College of Science in Al-Nahrain University presents a lecture in a Summer School Programme in Germany.Her lecture is about an artificial intelligence for generating questions in electronic teaching platform which concentrates on the old civilizations of  Iraq  in German Regensburg  University.


It is contributed in this University by visiting a delegation of Al-Nahrain University headed by a director of  Forensic  DNA for Research and Training in Al-Nahrain University and a number of instructors in College of Science ,Nano Centre ,Computer Centre  and College of Information Technology  to German Regensburg  University.Besides,this lecture presents a project for history because the Iraqi civilizations are wealthy civilizations to form the scientific material which plays a key role to design this project.


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah