Al-Nahrain University Holds a Symposium about Smoking and Its Effect on Health

 College of  Biotechnology in Al-Nahrain University holds a scientific symposium  entitled  Smoking is the Cancer of Age  by the attendance of instructors and students of college.

 Scientific lectures are presented  in this symposium by the assistant of dean of scientific affairs ,Ass.Prof.Dr.Rasalah Razwaqy  and  by Instr.Dr.Ahmed Ali whose lectures about Dangers Arising from Tobacco Smoke and Exposure to  Tobacco Smoke indirectly  and realizing the dangers of tobacco smoking  which affects on the lung health  and causing death  and this global disease  causes chronic respiratory disease; cancer of lunge  and tuberculosis deaths.

This symposium explains the exposure to tobacco smoke  which affects on the lung health  of peoples of different  ages  and it expresses how peoples and governments use some procedures  to reduce the risks to health posed by tobacco.


Translated by

Prof.Aula  Abdul  Ghaffour  Muammad  Salah