Al-Nahrain Nanorenewable Energy Research Center Holds a Course about The Basics of Solar Energy

A Nanorenewable Energy Research Center  in Al-Nahrain  University holds a training course entitled “An Explanation of Basics of Solar Energy”.This course is done by the sponsorship by the President of Al-Nahrain University,Prof.Dr.Ali Abd Aziz Al-Shawy and supervised by the director of Al-Nahrain Nanorenewable Energy Research Center  ,

Prof.Dr.Kareem  Khalaf  Muhammad   who explains the scientific and environmental  importance  for  using this solar energy. 

Assistant Director of Nanorenewable Energy Research Center  in Al-Anbar University ,Asst.Instr.Adal Hussein Muhmood contributes in this training course and this assures the importance of exchange of experiences  between universities.



Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdual Ghaffour Muhammad Salah