Al-Nahrain University Discusses The Minstrel Curriculums for The Iraqi Government post 2014

College of Political Science  in Al-Nahrain University discusses a PhD thesis about the policies   of minstrel curriculums of Iraqi governments since 2014 :Study of obstacles and possibilities by the researcher Hamdoon  khaldoon   Abd-Allah /Political System and Public Policies Dept.                                                                                                            


The study aims for using the theoretical and practical  bases for the minstrel curriculums, knowing the implication of the minstrel curriculums for the Iraqi governments since 2014 in political, economic and secure aspects , knowing the possibilities and obstacles  for its implementation  and evaluate the rate of achievement.                             

 The study concludes that the minstrel curriculums which is written properly  and precisely taking into account its stage is better than he minstrel curriculums  which is written  extensively and this will interfere with its reality and its restricted possibilities. Besides, the political obstacles on the internal level or external one are the most important determinants which determine the possibility of applying the minstrel curriculum in its political, secure and economic implications.                 


Translated by                                                                                            

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah