The Dean of College of Law Heads The Discussion Committee of Ph.D. Thesis in Tikrit University

According to the scientific cooperation between the Iraqi universities,  Prof.Dr.Fares Abd-Al-Rasiq Hamazah ,a dean of College of Law in Al-Nahrain University heads the Discussion Committee of  Ph.D. thesis in Tikrit University about control on the authorities of business man in implementation of distant labour contract form:A comparative  study by

the researcher Susan Saad Abd-Al-Jabar.

The study sheds light on the importance of the distant work explaining the authorities  of business man in implementation of this contract  ; control on this authority with its types and if this control is useful without slipping away into the rights of business man in distant work.

These activities are used for the a scientific and academic cooperation between universities to exchange the information and expertises between instructors to benefit from them.


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah