High Institute of Infertility Organizes a Workshop about Evidences of Scrutiny


High Institute for Infertility Diagnosis  & Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Al-Nahrain University organizes a workshop concerned with     the activities of  Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance  entitled The Evidence of Scrutiny by Assist. Instructor Shamah Qasem Thamer.  

This evidence aims for collecting information such as documents,  reports ,results, inquires, appreciations, calculations and findings by which the auditor decide whether the financial data are correct and fair.

The workshop recommends that the auditor must identify the suitable type and  size of evidences which   she collects to check the financial statements. Besides, the auditor collects the efficient evidences by which  she achieves  to the correct expressing opinion of scrutiny process.



Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah