An Instructor Heads a Discussion Committee in Anbar University

Prof.Dr.Khather Abas Atwan /College of Political Science/Al-Nahrain University heads a discussion committee of a dissertation in College of Law and Political Science /Al-Anbar University by the student Muhammad Nwar whose dissertation entitled The Role of Technocrat in Foreign Policy :Henry Kessinger and Dawood  Aghlawi as a Symbol

The dissertation aims for discussing the roles of technocrat and how they participate  in public policy:Their participation in public policy including their decision  making.The study  depends on two samples of study.One of them is part of superpowers represented by the world politician ,Henry Kessinger in USA and he has many American policies and his participation in American policy goes on even leaving  his post,

The second sample is that of regional state by Ahmed Dawood Aghlawi whose Turkish policy making is explained.                                              

The study achieves to the results that it is necessary to not ignore the big knowledge of academics and their participation in political work as experts to enrich the policy and decision.                                                 


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah