Two Instructors Contribute in The International Medical Conference in The Turkish Atlas University

An Assistant of Dean of College of Biotechnology of the scientific affairs ,Assistant Prof.Dr.Rasalh Al-Lamy and an Instr.Dr.Lamah Fanjan

contribute in conference proceedings in the Turkish   Atlas University in

Istanbul whose title is The Prospective Vision of  medical science.

The conference  is under sponsorship of the international health and contribution of   a set of instructors and doctors of different universities of world whose researches are regarded as a scientific curriculum  and mechanics which is specialized in the medical science.  

President of Atlas University honours Dr.Rasalh shield of excellence and necklace of excellence for her conference preparatory committee;

  he also honours Dr.Lamah the necklace of excellence for her contribution of a research in the conference.



Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah