Al-Nahrain University Opens a New Building which Includes Developed Scientific Labs


Information Engineering College in Al-Nahrain University opens a new building which includes developed scientific labs which is under sponsorship of Minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research,  Prof.Dr.Nabeel Kathim Abdul Al-Sahib;Gudience of President of Al-Nahrain University,Prof.Dr.Ali Abid Al-Aziz Al-Shawi and follow-up on the Dean of College ,Prof.Dr.Hikmet Najem Abdallah and this building is opened by the Assistant of President of Scientific Affairs,Prof.Dr.Omar Farouk with the attendance of deans of college and university affiliates. This belongs to the college’s plan for networking between current and prospective labs which is regarded as an achievement in the infrastructure.   

The new building aims for gathering  all labs of college in one lab and

providing  the college with classrooms commensurate with the number of students and enter smart building technique of College.

This achievement strengthens what the college has done scientifically and its winning in the national classification with a first in 2021.It is mentioned that this building is done autonomously in both financial and professional sides and Executive committees  achieves high quality in work ; efficient performance and financial availability is about 14%  of financial disclosure to intend for the implementation.

Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah